Who are we?

Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc. has been designing specialized aircraft maintenance software since 2002.

AMS was created by an experienced aircraft maintenance engineer, Mr. Richard Larue for his personal needs when operating his own MRO.

He kept in mind to follow the most efficient way to cover all maintenance steps in order to achieve the final objective: to quickly release the aircraft.

AMS is now appreciated by administrators and auditors to fulfill the requirements of the aeronautical authorities. Continuously expanding, AMS solutions are aimed at an international clientele and is now deployed to more than 280 customers
in 65 different countries.

Committed to a quality approach based on both respect and trust, we promote innovation and creativity in the workplace, essential qualities in our line of business.

Development being a never-ending process, AMS continues to gain solid ground building a genuine reputation in the aviation industry.


It is with that vision in mind that AMS did a partnership with REACTIS.

REACTIS is a service company specialized in Computer Engineering whose goal is to offer a perfect combination based on technological expertise, commitment and flexibility in human response mode. REACTIS operates in various fields, from consulting, systems engineering to complete support of IT projects.

AMS has now all the expertise to offer quality assistance throughout our customer’s projects, whether it is, business or process consulting, project management, software engineering and system integration.

AMS’s team of expert will be there in all the steps of your software implementation to provide you with the best support and training.


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