Can I keep a record history of the ADs and SBs?

Yes. There is a designated section in the AMS Software, which contains all of this information. There is also a direct link to the Internet allowing you to gain access to the AD text.

Is there a limit to the number of aircraft or components contained in your software?

The only limitation is based on your computer’s capacity as well as the number of licences you’ve purchased.

Are the standard forms included in the program?

All forms provided by Transport Canada, FAA and EASA are currently in the program. We can also include any other forms as needed and custom-develop forms to fit your operations & region.

Can anyone access the information contained in your programs?

We have created a program containing access restrictions. The User Module controls access and restrictions using passwords, as is required by each user.

Can I export a document?

Yes. You can export or import one or many documents or files by using the functions in the Microsoft Office programs. You can also use the Internet to export and import documents, which will be incorporated in the Aircraft Maintenance Manager.

Can someone modify the information contained in a work report?

Once archived, all information relating to the work report is no longer modifiable. However, they can be printed or a copy can be exported.

Can the program prepare the logbook entries?

Yes. These writings are automatically generated from the completed work reports and are personalized to the proper log. (CRS, Journey Logs, Technical Logs, etc.) They can then be printed on self-adhesive paper. Items that are not needed can be manually eliminated.

Does this program fill in the modifications, major repairs and 337 forms?

Yes. These forms are automatically completed using the same method as the logbook entries. The information is taken from the work report.

After completing a job, do I have to manually update the information?

No. All items that need to be updated are filed in a list. By simply clicking on a field, the completion time for each item will be adjusted to the one displayed above. (It can also be changed). The serial number can be changed as well, as if it is a used part and the current time can be entered. From this window, you have access to other sections to make changes or to obtain information.

Do you keep recurrent defect statistics?

Yes. They are tracked by ATA codes, dates, descriptions, and corrections. A graph is displayed showing the number of defects for each ATA code and its proportion.

Can reports be personalized with our Corporate brand?

Yes. We offer the possibility of replacing our logo with the user’s logo.

Can I adjust the "warnings" as I choose?

Certainly. You can apply the "warning" of your choice for each component, recurring AD, etc., in hours, cycles, calendar time or all three at once.

If I add a second aircraft of the same type, is it necessary to re-enter the complete data?

No. A template can be created for each type of aircraft. You can also create another aircraft from an existing one in your system. It will copy all the data and numbers that are possible to find for both aircraft. However, it will not copy the data applying to only one, e.g. the time and serial numbers of the components as well as the time span of the ADs, SBs, etc.

Can I have a Due Sheet produced whenever I need my aircraft?

Yes. Our due sheet includes all the selected aircraft and contains all the due or in "warning" items with a detailed time schedule.

Can the system project future maintenance requirements?

Yes. With the AMS Software, it is very easy to produce a report of forecasted tasks in any given period.

Do your technicians need to be on site for the installation and initialization of the software?

No. Anyone in your operations can easily install our programs. However, if you prefer, our technicians can do it for you.

How is your software designed?

The Aircraft Maintenance Manager software was designed in Delphi and other modules are in C#. They are high performance tools.

Do you have an inventory control feature?

Yes. We have created an inventory control feature, which manages the part quotation requests, purchase orders, operating costs of the aircraft fleet, third party billing, parts in stock with limited time, parts to order, etc. You can automatically print, fax or email any generated documents using the supplier information listed in the program.

Can I transfer my inventory data from the program I currently use into your Inventory Manager?

Depending on how your inventory is set up, it should not be a problem for our technicians to do it for you.

Do you have monthly fees for your programs?

No. The right to use our programs is sold as a lifetime user license, it is not subscription based. Our programs do cover technical support and update service for your first year.

How much is it to renew AMS support services?

All licenses include 12 months of support services (technical support and software updates). Beyond this initial 12-month period, you may renew your support service program for another 12 months or 36 months with the Enterprise PLAN. If you wish to discontinue your support service program as per the agreement, no further charges will be incurred and your system will continue to function as is.

What do I get with the AMS maintenance service?

You receive 24/7 technical support, discounts and promotions on any upgrades and additional modules as well as exclusive access to our Customer Support ePortal.

Do you provide training and support services outside of Canada?

Yes! Our technical staff assists customers in all regions of the world and at their convenience.

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