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A Canadian based company founded in 2002 and is part of the Reactis Group since 2011. Operators/CAMO, MROs, maintenance shops organizations within the General and Business Aviation, Commercial Aviation Industry and Military are relying on us to ensure minimum A/C downtime, streamline maintenance processes and increase staff productivity.

We have solutions that is tailored to your operations and fleet, whether you manage fixed-wing, rotary-wing or a mix fleet of any size!

AMS also offers a wide range of professional services; consulting, training, migration services, IT expertise, features customization and responsive customer care to make sure you get the most out of your maintenance tracking system!


300 companies of the aeronautic industry spread out in 48 countries, chose Aircraft Maintenance Systems RD Inc. as their trusted maintenance software provider.

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In 2002 a director of maintenance based in Quebec, created the concept for his own particular use as an MRO. Engineer by training, he has brought 30 years of experience in aeronautical maintenance and software development.

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Aviation<br />


Conseil et conduite<br />
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Consulting and
change management in
the aerospace sector

This mix of competences is taking part in the constant evolution of our programs but also intervene in different services helping you improve your own efficiency. Users and auditors are insured that AMS is compliant to the requirements of the aeronautical authorities.

In order to keep growing and strengthen our position on the market, AMS is part  the REACTIS group. REACTIS is specialized in IT engineering which provide its expertise to help us develop solutions fitting the evolving needs of our customers.

REACTIS is a service company specialized in Computer Engineering whose goal is to offer a perfect combination based on technological expertise, commitment and flexibility in human response mode. REACTIS operates in various fields, from consulting, systems engineering to complete support of IT projects.

AMS has now all the expertise to offer quality assistance throughout our customer’s projects, whether it is, business or process consulting, project management, software engineering and system integration.

AMS’s team of expert will be there in all the steps of your software implementation to provide you with the best support and training.

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