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Aircraft Maintenance Systems delivers the highest standard of EASA, FAA compliance. Module-based and feature-rich, it is designed for certified CAMO operations according to EASA Part M, Subpart G, and for single operators who manage airworthiness on their own.


  • Manage and monitor aircraft types including components, parts and lifecycles
  • Track inspections, airworthiness directives (ADs), service bulletins (SBs) and defects
  • Track and monitor the entire component and over-haul process
  • Create unlimited Work Orders and Job Cards for line and base maintenance
  • Develop and manage a compliant Aircraft Maintenance Program
  • Record and track an unlimited number of technical records, readily available forever, for all your audits!

Our CAMO features, found within AMS’ Aircraft Maintenance Manager, are easy-to-use and help you save time and reduce costs in all aircraft maintenance operations. These features provide CAMO operators with the functionalities needed to fully track and manage their Aircraft, Components, AD notes & Service Bulletins, Maintenance Tasks, and Work Orders as well as Invoicing, and Purchase reporting, thereby satisfying Part M requirements.

CAMO features are part of an integrated package of our current on-premise solution.


With our dedicated CAMO SaaS solution, you can embrace the next generation Maintenance Solution with super flexible price plans (starting at 10$/month.)

CAMO features offer the ability to:

  • Develop and control your aircraft maintenance program, tailored to your aircraft configuration and/or organization
  • Plan and co-ordinate all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities in accordance with your compliant aircraft maintenance program
  • Store unlimited number of aircraft technical logs, maintenance and life cycle records
  • Manage all aircraft defects and AOG situations, including deferred defect control
  • Track and manage all modifications and repairs of any component
  • Track operating times
  • More!

Complementary Modules

  • Inventory Manager
  • Time Keeper
  • Document Manager & Electronic Signature
  • More!

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